Understanding Tongue Health

We all know that caring for our teeth and gums is important, but do you care for your tongue? Several types of problems can develop if we do not include our tongue in our oral health care routine. Read on to learn more, and thanks for visiting Advance Endodontics of Lakewood, OH. 

How often do you notice your tongue? You use it everyday – to speak and to eat – but are you taking care of it? Without proper dental hygiene, your tongue can develop some conditions that can lead to much worse health problems in the future.

Tongue Conditions

If you were to go to a mirror and look at your tongue right now, what would you see? Does it look healthy or are you concerned about something? Let’s take a look at some tongue conditions and what they mean for your health.

Bald Tongue

Your tongue is covered in small bumps called papillae. Inside each papillae are your tastebuds. Occasionally, cases of “bald tongue” develop, in which the papillae die and shed off  your tongue, leaving it slick. There are a lot of causes to this condition, including vitamin deficiencies and anemia. To diagnose the cause, it is best to talk with your doctor.

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