How Does Osteoporosis Affect Your Dental Health?

toothOral health and overall health are closely connected, and the following article details how Osteoporosis can affect your dental health. Read on to learn more, and thanks for visiting Advanced Endodontics of Lakewood, OH. 

Osteoporosis is a fairly common skeletal disease in which calcium is lost, causing bones to become weaker and more susceptible to fractures. The disease affects men and women who are 50 years old or older, but it is most common in women who are 70 years old or above. As the body ages, bone mass and strength decrease; osteoporosis adds to this process.

According to Dentistry IQ, researchers even predict that by the year 2020, this disease could affect more than half of Americans who are older than 50.

Osteoporosis can affect your dental health, too, especially if you are taking medication to help contain this disease. Below, we will talk about the correlation between osteoporosis and dental health.

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